Some friendships are a gift

Some friendships touch your heart

In ways you never know
Together we would laugh
Together we used to cry
Always there for each other
Facing each trial one after the another
We would often fight, then sort it out too
Iā€™d turn to her when ever my spirit needed a lift,
Our friendship was a special gift
When ever i fell down she was there to lift
Because our friendship was a special gift
She never let me frown when i wanted to drown
Some friends may have been a part
of your life
for the longest time but they may never take you as their part
Some relationships are sweet lime
Hand in hand they might not always rhyme
But that doesn’t mean those relationships don’t mean anything,
If you have held them for such a long time
they must be special in ways
which you cant define
To life
Such friendships
Which will never ever
fade with

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