My First Mate : Mother

Mother’s love is like a language of its own,
She holds everything together like a backbone
Mother’s care for us,
They guide us,
You can feel their love as they always walk beside us
Mother’s arms are always open when we need a hug,
No matter how tough the situation it always helps us unplug
Mother’s are always up on their toes,
Making sure that our life is a bed of rose
Mothers teach us to differentiate right from the wrong,
They sit with us through all the nights so long
Mothers are great,
Because right from the start they our first and forever mate
No matter how old I become
I will always be your little one
No matter how much I grow up
I know that you will always watch my back
No matter what heights I reach
You will always be there to teach
I wonder if I ever thanked you,
For the simple things and not so simple things you did
I wonder if I ever thanked you,
For all the times you were by my side to help me celebrate my success
and accept my defeats
I wonder if i ever thanked you,
For teaching me the value of handwork, courage and honesty
For all the times
I dint thank and acknowledge you enough
With my heart full of love and no bluff
No matter what I do
I will never be able to thank you enough
But can promise to be your side and
Never let your life be rough
Love You always

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